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Small bread with yaghourt small bread recipes and steps of preparations

                   Small bread with yogurt 

 it's the region has spécifique kinds of meals some of them are on special occasions whereas some of them are daily like fast food or snacks between lunch and the dinner. Sometimes idées come to our minds to make something new in our kitchen. I can help you with some new idées small bread with yogurt is one of them let's know together  how to make it 

                          Small bread with yogurt small bread recipes and steps of preparations   

firstly the ingredients :

    - 1 cup of natural yogurt 
      - the same agent of the yogurt milk 
      - the half of the agent oil 
      - 1/ tablespoon of bread yeast 
      - 1 tablespoon of sugar 
      - 1/2 bag of baking powder 
      - salt 
      - flour 
       - black cumin 

Secondly the way of preparing this small bread :

 In a vasle mix, the yogurt with the warm milk and the oil add the bread yeast and the sugar put baking powder and the salt mix them carefully then add the flour slowly till you get a soft dough kneaded slightly and let it sit for thirty minutes 

 After that shape sausage with the dough and cut it into eight balls then roll them and shape them in to raise and let reset a little in the oven tray to rise 

 Finally, we grease the small bread with eggs and sprinkle with seeds of black cumin then we put it in the oven till it cooked and serve it with jus or milk or tea 

Advice : 

  Don't hesitate to try it is so so delicious and it's full of vitamines Like calcium magnésuim potassium azote iron sodium and aminic acids and proteins calories this on can you give full energy to your activities because our health has the priority to save it and be more careful to know what we should it we shouldn't I think these small bread are so healthy and they are too easy to prepare doesn't take a lot of time.