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Potatoes with cream fresh Potatoes food Recipe and way of preparation

                Potatoes with cream fresh 

    Potatoes ! the preferred vegetable in the world has a big positive impact on our health it's full of different vitamins. The people around the world love it too much, each one loves potatoes in several kinds in it present in many cuisine like Arabian cuisine African cuisine Turkish and Indonesian cuisine don't forget European and Italian Spanish or French cuisine with several kinds and the most of time considered the principal dish in the table for the people who prefer the vegetables than meat. some of them like a sweet potato; and a lot of them like potato chips while some people prefer boiled potatoes. I have a new way of cooking potatoes you can add cream fresh let's know together with the ingredients 

Potatoes with cream fresh Potatoes food Recipe and way of preparation

Ingredients : 

chicken breast 
cream fresh 
soft cheese 
salt and black pepper 
Fresh fries

   The way of doing potatoes with cream fresh : 

  in a pan put the minced onion in the oil and we flavor with the salt and the black pepper then add the pieces of the chicken breast and the minced garlic. Let them till they cooked 
  When the chicken cooked add the cream fresh and the soft cheese at the end after you remove the pan from the fair.
  After that in gratin dish put a layer of fresh fries then pour on it the mix of the chicken breast then sprinkle with grated cheese and put it in the oven for a few minutes 

 So delicious! don't hesitate to try it 

Healthy information about this dish : 

So rich by carbohydrates proteins aminic acids help is to light on the stomach rich on calories and required principles body metals the potatoes dishes very important for the gymnastic people or for all the hard or long worker we will try to present for food-inu lover many tips of this tasty dish