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The Way to prepare savory madeleines easy one !

The Way to prepare savory madeleines easy one! :

       Hello, Food-inu lover and everyone like easy and fast cooking today we will show you something easy and fast for the beginner you can take it like breakfast we talk here about savory madeleines in the home yes! madeleines are homemade cooking with easy and simple ingredients step by step you can do one easy and tasty and fast in the same time several kinds of madeleines in the world but we choose the easy one when the beginner can do it or amateur or professional .knwo let's show the ingredients and steps of preparations.

The Way to prepare savory madeleines easy one! 

Ingredients :

- 2 cups of flour 
- 1 packet of baking powder 
-one cup of milk 
-tow eggs 
-melted cheese 
-1/2 cup of oil

The steps to prepare the savory madeleines :

 In a bowl, mix the flour with the yeast, the cut black olives, and the chopped parsley 

 add the milk, eggs, melted cheese and oil until a liquid and the consistent mixture is obtained

Fill the cakes with the madeleines machine and put in the oven until cooked, once cooled, decorate the madeleines with rosettes of cheese 

Some healthy information: 

Savory madeleines can you give carbohydrates and some principal metals to your body like magnésuim calcium potassium zinc-iron this meal is so rich and can help you or your kids family in your daily activities and don't need a lot of time so you can cook it don't hesitate and enjoy!