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Tiramisu Recipe Tiramisu cake and the way of preparation step by step

                                           Tiramisu recipe Tiramisu cake 

  Hello, Food-inu Lover today I want to tell you about Tiramisu cake as a dessert. Sometimes we want to do a yammu ! dessert after dinner or breakfast to our family or lovers or friends and we want to do something perfect ! and fast and easy in the same time especially when the subject according to invite others to your home you should make a delicious cake to exprime how we are careful and happy with this persons. Now let's show you the recipe of this delicious and yummy tiramisu and the steps to do it carefully 

Tiramisu Recipe Tiramisu cake
Tiramisu Recipe Tiramisu cake 

Ingredients : 

1- tow eggs 
2- half cup of sugar
3- half cup of oil 
4- half cup of milk 
5- half of cacao 
6- a cup of flour 
7- baking powder 
8- sweet sauce: for the sweet sauce you need half a cup of sugar and a cup of water

Cream Tiramisu cake ingredients : 

1- half a liter of milk 
2- for tablespoons of sugar 
3- one egg 
4- tow tablespoons of cornstarch 
5- fresh cheese 

Steps to preparing Tiramisu cake :

First to prepare the tiramisu cake to take the vassle and put tow eggs with the half cup of sugar then add the half of oil mix them carefully and after mixed add the milk and mix again after you do that add the half of cacao and the cup of the flour and add finally to this mix the baking powder and mix carefully. You should heat the oven on 180-degree centigrade before you put the Tiramisu cake in it, let this Tiramisu cake cooked then move to prepare the sweet sauce

The way to preparing the sweet sauce of Tiramisu cake : 

in a pan put the half cup of sugar and the cup of water let boil for five minutes.

the way to preparing the Tiramisu cake-cream :

 First  in a pan put the four tablespoons of sugar and the two tablespoons of cornstarch add the milk slowly and mix carefully then add the egg after put them on fire and mix carefully and slowly till you have a densive mix and add the fresh cheese and mix again  after that put it in the refrigerator for half an hour then add to this Tiramisu cream the cream fresh and mix again 

The waY of decoration of Tiramisu cake : 

After you remove the cooked Tiramisu cake from the oven irrigated it with the sweet Tiramisu sauce on the surface of this cake put the tiramisu cream have you prepared before and return it to the refrigerator for half an hour. Finally to design it throw the cacao powder and present it to your friends or lovers or your family Enjoy!