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Stuffed Pie recipe and how to make delicious one easy preparation step by step

                                Stuffed Pie recipe 

     Hello friends and food-inu lovers today we will show you the recipe and  the way of making a homemade stuffed pie it's so easy and tasty you can take it as breakfast or small dinner if you make regime cause it's healthy and has not the nocive amount of calories now let's see the ingredients and the way step by step

Stuffed Pie recipe
Stuffed Pie recipe 

1-Ingredients of stuffed pie :

1-  2 cups of milk
2- 1 cup of oil
3-  4 tablespoons of sugar
4- one tablespoon of baking soda
5- nearly tow cups and half of flour

2- filling of stuffed pie :

parsley and onion and green pepper and tuna can and cheese and spices.

3- how do you  prepare The Stuffed pie  : 

   First, you need to start the dough: take the vassle and put two cups of milk with one cup of oil add four tablespoons of sugar, add the flour and the baking soda tell you to have a dough will be similar to pizza dough let it rest for half-hour and go to prepare the filling
4- the way of preparing the filling :
in a pan put some of the oil and put parsley with onion add the green pepper and spices  let this mix cooked and at the end add tuna can and the cheese

4-To get the shape of this stuffed pie :

   First, take the rested dough and divided it into parts, take one part and flatten it till you reach the desired width then put the filling of the stuffed pie have you cooked before after that take the second part of the dough and flatten it then put it on the filling of the stuffed pie take the fork and press the aspects of the stuffed pie finally you grease the surface of this stuffed pie with the yellow of the egg and you can design it with black olive and put it for a half-hour in the oven

5-Advice and motivation to cook the stuffed pie :

1- healthy food
2- easy and don't need experience
3- not rich by calorie for the one who has a regime program