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Pancake recipe and how to prepare it step by step

          Pancake and how to prepare it to step by step 

       Pancake is a delicious dessert you can present it in parties of birthday or use it as a sweet after principle meals like dinner or lunch. this pancake presents in many kinds according to the type of fruits you want to use many chefs or cuisines use a different way to prepare it like a fluffy pancake or buttermilk pancake, pancake without baking powder, pancake without milk or other kinds for example pancake without eggs, and they use some kind about the volume like preparation of pancake for one or for kids and we choose for food-inu lovers and friends the simple way to prepare this yummy cake in the home whoever your degree in cooking means you are professional or beginner or amateur never mind with this simple steps and ways you will make a delicious one and you will be proud to your self in cooking and you will also make your family or friends  happy with this tasty and easy and fast one let's now together how to make this small cake

Pan cake recipe

Pancake recipe 

Ingredients :

1- one egg
2- 4 tablespoons of oil
3- 2 tablespoons of sugar
4- half cup of milk
5- one teaspoon of baking powder
6-  nearly one cup of flour
7- melted chocolate

 the way of done pancake :

bring vassle and put the egg add the oil and sugar and the milk mix them very well then add baking powder and the flour mix them again to get a densive mix now take your pan and grease it with better take from the mix with a big spoon and put in the middle of the pan let the pancake cooked at the one side and turn it to the other side finally cover this pancake with melted chocolate put one on the top of the other and decorate them in fruits you have in your refrigerator such as banana or strawberry

Pancake recipe
Pancake recipe 

 Advice :

Do not hesitate to try it is so delicious and healthy dessert I think this one may make big happiness to your kids and this kind of cake with fruits stay always have an important amount of vitamins for your kids before or after their activities also dessert with fruits you will make you and your friends or lovers happy cause fruits and chocolate one of the most important foods help to increase your mood and protect it like chemistry saying 

 Some healthy measure about pancake :

Rich with hydrocarbons azote zinc and potassium very healthy to your health and your family's health sodium and calcium and omega acids protein and other important elements for your body and your mode and your happiness enjoy done it






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