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Dessert and food of Maghreb Basbousa dessert

  Basbousa dessert

Dessert and food of Maghreb   Basbousa dessert
Dessert and food of Maghreb   Basbousa dessert

   Hello everybody today I want to tell you somehow about Maghreb meals and sweets. They are famous for eating more vegetables and meat such as Lham Lhlou, Mloukhiya, Kifta, Grantitta, kouskous, Shakhshoukha, ....etc.
 I have chosen basbousa as a sweet is so easy to prepare it. They usually eat it with coffee or tea or juice.  This cake is based on semolina or flour

        The recipe step by step :

               1/ The ingredients :

                     1- 1 cup of milk or yogurt
                      2-  4 eggs
                      3- 1 cup of oil
                      4-  1 cup of sugar
                      5- 2 cups of flour or semolina
                      6- vanilla
                      7 - baking powder
                       8- zest of lemon or orange
                       9- sugar syrup: 2 cups of sugar + 1 cup of water

Preparation of Bassboussa dessert : 

      Take a vessel put  1/cup of milk or yogurt and 4 eggs + 1 cup of oil + 1 cup of sugar and mix them very well add the vanilla and 2 cups of flour or semolina +zest of lemon or orange and the baking powder and mix again.
            Grease the oven tray with butter and put the mixed ingredients in it then put them in the oven for 30 to 40 min you should use the sharp of the knife in order to know if the cake is cooked.
             To make the sugar syrup put the sugar and the water in the saucepan then put them on fire let them till the sugar melts.
        Finally, pour the sugar syrup on the cake and cut it in a cubic shape you can design it with Groundnuts or pour on it Almond chips and serve it.

       This kind of dessert is usually served in parties or family meetings and the Maghreb people use as dessert for the guests.
         I wish you try you won't feel regret because is tasty.

Some information about this Basbousa dessert : 

- Basboussa dessert have many kinds like Turkish one and middle eastern one and Mgharebian one all these kinds is very easy and tasty so you don't hesitate to test it with simple ingredients for all the kinds 
-About the time you can Serv it in breakfast or after dinner cause it's light dessert and doesn't make stomach problems 
- you can serve it with tea coffee or milk or drinks stay tasty and can give you new taste with each drink

- Basboussa dissert stay one of many desserts rich on calories carbohydrates and a little amount of principals metals