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Cooking Birthday Cake easy recipe and the way of preparation step by step

    Birthday Cake and the way of preparation step by step 

Cooking Birthday Cake
 Cooking Birthday Cake 

   sometimes we have many reasons for cooking birthday cake, for example, we need to surprise our relatives or family members or our near friends with something special in their parties of birthday .the the first idea comes to our mind is a cake we may buy it or make one which is has a special effect on the person who passes this day due to is so specific  day  and between many types of birthday cake so that i want to show you how to make an easy and tasty  Birthday cake .follow with me to get a good one

          1/ the ingredients of Birthday cake :
               1- 4 eggs
                2- 1 cup of sugar
                 3- 1 baking powder
                  4- 1 cup of  flour
                   5- 1 cup of cacao
                    6- vanilla
                     7- 2 cups of cream shanti
                      8- 1 cup of milk
       The first step to make birthday cake :
 in a vassel put the 4 eggs and 1 cup of sugar and mix them with an electric mixer for 10 min till it became a densive mix then you should sifting the cup of flour with baking powder and the cup of cacao and vanilla. add them to the mix take a spoon in order to mix softly from bottom to top.
           The second step to make birthday cake:
  After that put, this mix in oven-pan which is well greased with butter and then throw some flour on the pan .put it in the microwave that you have heated before .you can use the knife to know if the cake is well cooked.
        last step to make a birthday cake :
  Finally for decoration of the birthday cake mix the 2 cups of cream Shanti with 1 cup of milk with the electric mixer until you get densive cream to cover the cake and use small pieces of chocolate and serve enjoy!

 Advice : 

-it's obligation to have the enough time for each step cause all the steps according between them 
- the time the ingredients it's very very exacting you should give the required time and ingredients for this cake and you will make a delicious and tasty one  
- Finally, be happy and enjoy! 

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