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Algerian meals / Tadjine el djiben And how to prepare it step by step delicious Food

                              Algerian meals / Tadjine el djiben

       Algeria is an African country that is situated in the North of Africa. The name of the country is derived from the literary word * al Jazeera * which is mean Island. It is situated close to The Mediterranean sea so that it is well known for seafood and it is famous for lamb- dishes, and chicken.
      The cuisine of Algeria is historically affected by Berber Arab, Turkish and French norms.
      I'll show you the way to do  one of these dishes 

Algerian meals  Tadjine el djiben
                   Algerian meals / Tadjine el djiben                      

        * Tadjine el Djiben *
                     The Ingredients;
                         - Chicken breast
                         - black   puper and salt
                         - oil
                         - butter
                         - parsley
                         -  3eggs
                         - cup of milk or cream fresh
                         - Soft cheese
                         -Grated cheese

     In a Saucepan fry, the chicken in the oil and butter and we flavor with salt and black pepper and we add water and let till the chicken will be well cooked.

Algerian meals / Tadjine el djiben

Algerian meals / Tadjine el djiben

  When the chicken cooked, crumble it and mix with the eggs, the milk, and Soft cheese then we put up the in a greased oven-pan. Add the Grated cheese on the surface and put it  in the oven

Algerian meals / Tadjine el djiben

Algerian meals / Tadjine el djiben
     When the Tadjne is cooked, remove from the oven and serve it with the  sauce of chicken

Algerian meals / Tadjine el djiben  

        I wish you try because is so tasty meal with a lot of vitamins and it is too easy to prepare .finally I hope you are liked Algerian meals

Some healthy advice about this dish : 

Tajine el djiben is very rich by Hydrocarbure potassium and azote zinc and iron their principal content is cheese and we know about the cheese is so rich by calcium and will keep you and your kids strong all the day when you take it as lunch 
- Tadjine el djiben have a big amount of protein and omega acids and will help you in your activities 
-Tadjine eldjiben not nocive to your stomach when you take it like dinner cause he is light 






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