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Cooking in Syria Syrian dish arabic food and the way to prepare easy and tasty ! one

                     Cooking in Syria  Syrian dish

Cooking in Syria  Syrian dish
Cooking in Syria  Syrian dish

The best  cooking and the famous dish in Syria is Al-kibbeh and it's the most favorable on the est table exactly in the holy month Ramadhan and is considered one of the most dishes required so what's the way to make this dish and what's the ingredients to make it

A - préparation of Kubbah

A-1- ingredients

* half a kilogram of lamb and beef minced softly

*one cup and half of the bulgar, soaked in the warm water for tow hours

* Two large boiled potatoes

* Tow large onions

*Spoonful on salt

*Spoon of black pepper

*Spoonful of meat spices

B- How to prepare Kubbah:

strain bulgar out of the water well, then add the meat and onions and potatoes and grind all ingredients together with the meat grinder

repeat the grinding process several times with the meat until you have a very smooth cohesive dough.

add salt and spices and knead using your hand until all the ingredients have smoothed and mixed well.

divide the kibbeh dough into balls with size of Kubbah you want to be prepared

Pitt dough balls in a tray and cover with a damp cloth

leave the balls until preparing the filling.

B-2 kibbeh filling

ingredients :

1 kilogram of roughly chopped beef.

three large onions.

half cup of toasted pin nuts.

Half a cup of sliced almonds.

one tablespoon of cinnamon.

a small spoon of salt.

Vegetable oil.

B-2-1 How to prepare

Heat the oil then add the finely chopped onions and saute until golden brown.

Add minced meat to the onions and stir until done.

Putt the spices on the meat, then cover the bowl for five minutes.

strain the fillin of oil and put it in a straight bowl to cool.

B-2-2 Preparation of kibbeh balls

Bring a bowl and put a little cold water, then wet your hands a little

Take a ball of prepared kibbeh dough, then make a hole in the middle while keeping the Kubbah wall firm and thin and do not leave the sides thick

Squeeze amount of a tablespoon of filling and a few pine nuts and almonds into the hole then close the dough well with the palm of the hand rotate

it and shape it as it's known while keeping the hands moist and wet with water

Prepare the whole amount with the same way then put the kubbeh grains with freezer it takes about 10 minutes for a little consistency

put vegetable oil with an ample amount on the fire and heat it over a high temperature then take out the kubbeh from the freezer and put it on

oil and when it changes hir color a little reduce the fire and leave it to ripen