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Cooking of couscous Arabic and algerian dishesan the way to prepare it

Cooking of couscous on the Algerian way 

Today we will talk about cooking in Algeria one of tasty Arabic dishes  and how to prepare Couscous on the Algerian way in this country located in the north of Africa couscous is the first famous dish and it's very delicious is a traditional meal for this country Now we will star in this article by many steps first we will show you the ingredients then we will talk about the method of preparation then reconstruction method of couscous

Cooking of couscous Arabic and algerian dishes
The cooking of couscous Arabic and Algerian dishes

 1-/ ingredient 

1 kilogram of Couscous + tow onions + 2 pieces  of celery +4 fresh tomatoes+tablespoon of salt 

+0.5 kilogram of Zucchini+Butter or cream to paint couscous+2 tablespoons of olive oil+

6 tablespoons or 7 medium-sized semolina + Pinch of nutmeg +2 tablespoons of chopped 

parsley+150 g liver+1 kg chicken or meat+4 turnips (long white turnip)+

1 bundle of fresh coriander+2 tbsp tomato paste+1 teaspoon black pepper+1 liter and a half hot water

150 g of butter+1 teaspoon salt+2 teaspoon cinnamon+2 tablespoons of coriander+4 eggs+4 onions, 

cut into quarters+1 sweet potato+1 cup chopped chickpeas+1 hot pepper (optional)+1/2 teaspoon 

ground turmeric+3 tablespoons of olive oil+1 soft chopped onion+1/2 teaspoon black pepper+

1 tablespoon of baking powder+1/4 teaspoon sweet seasoning

2-/ Preparation of couscous on the Algerian way

In a saucepan over the heat, add the oil, chicken, vegetables, and spices, except for couscous and zucchini

Fry the mixture on low heat for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring occasionally, without adding water

After the ingredients are fried with the chicken well, add the appropriate amount of water

Cover the pot and leave to simmer. After the chicken is flat, add the zucchini and leave to continue to ripen.

We taste the broth to ensure the taste and flavor of the broth

Couscous was washed with cold water and filtered

Put it in a large bowl and separate its grains, then put it in its pot (couscous), which is placed over a pot of vegetables to simmer steamed

After 5 to 10 minutes have passed and steam starts to drain from it, lower it from the pot and empty it in a large bowl

The beads disintegrated by hand and between fingers, sprinkled with water

Add a little oil (approximately 2 tablespoons and mix with couscous)

Cover with a clean cloth and leave to rest for 5 to 10 minutes

We put it in the couscous to simmer steamed after it is soft we put it back to the big bowl and separate the couscous by hand or with a wooden spoon

Sprinkle it with water, add salt, and allow it to rest

Then it returns to the pot and this process is repeated three times and the third time we apply it with my ghee or butter

It is placed in a serving dish and decorated with chicken and vegetables and watered with broth

It is decorated with cutting construction and offers