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Cooking Tabboula food of middle est th Arabic salad step by step with the way of preparation

             Cooking Tabboula food of middle east 

  Hello, Everyone lovers of food-inu and salads and Arabic salads, this article is especially for you today I want to show a kind of a healthy food always in the Arabic cuisine countries * Tabouli Salad*.It is made with healthy ingredients which are full of vitamins many kinds of tabbouleh in the Arabic cuisines but  the most famous one the Syrian tabbouleh cause considered the mother of the other types of tabbouleh salad  follow with me the steps to make tabouli salad

Cooking Tabboula food of middle est
Cooking Tabboula food of middle east 

.this one of the famous salads In the MEDITERRANEAN
    To get a delicious tabouli you should use the following ingredients
1-      ½ cup of a wheat bulgur
2-      4 firm of tomatoes are very chopped
3- cucumber well chopped 
4-       parsley, 2 bunches washed and dried, finely chopped
5-       4 green onions are very chopped
6- cloves garlic minced
  7- fresh mint very chopped (2 spoons )

8-      Salt
 9- lemon juice 

10-   Olive oil 
Now let's make it :

1-        In a pot put the bulgur and saturate it with water for  5 to 7 min
2-       Integrate the chopped vegetables ( tomatoes,  Cucumber, Parsley, Green onion, cloves garlic minced, fresh mint)
3-      Put the mixed chopped vegetables and the wheat bulgur in big bowl mix them genteelly.
4-      Add the salt, Lumion juice, olive oil, and mix again
5-      Refrigerate your salad at least for 30 min and serve it with lettuce leaves, if want don’t forget to add some drops of fresh Lumion   

Some healthy information: 

-You can take this kind of salad like regime 
- this salad has a big amount of principals metals 
- this salad has a little amount of calories 
-this salad takes your mood high after you eat it 
-this salad can help you increase your look
- if you have some problem in your hair this salad can help you cause he has metals requires by the healthy hair 
- for a perfect and Sportif body, you can take this salad 

Finally, enjoy and keep happy and protect your health with this Tabboula middle eastern salad.