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Cooking Mhalabia of Syria Food and meals arabic cooking

Cooking Mhalabia of Syria  Food and meals Arabic cooking

  Everyone wants to get some desserts after each meal, each country has a preferred dessert. I want to show you a Lebanese  dessert which is Mhalabia it is very famous dessert their everybody visit that country  I advise him/her to taste it and it is so easy to make follow with me the following to make a similar one

 the ingredients of cooking mhalabia of Syria ;

 1-   4 cups of milk
  2- 1/2 cup of cornflour
3- 3/4 cup of sugar
 4-  2  tablespoons of rose water
5-pistachio for garnishing

    step 1 of cooking Mhalabia of Syria 

 :  put the sugar and the cornflour in a bowl and mix them very well add to them 1/4 of milk and mix them till it will be well combined without lumps.

 step 2 of cooking mhalabia of Syria 

 : in a casserole put the remaining milk and heat it on the medium frame not until it boils just heat
step 3 of cooking mhalabia of Syria 

; After you heat the milk add to it the mixture of sugar and cornflour and stirring them and pay attention not to stick in the bottom of the casserole.

    step 4 of cooking mhalabia of Syria 

 ; Cook them for 2-5 min up to thickens  don't stop stirring

     step5 of cooking mhalabia of Syria 

 ; when it gets the wanted thickens remove it from the frame and add the rose of the water and mix till it becomes well combined

step6 of cooking mhalabia of Syria 

 :  Take an individual serving bowl and pour the mixture and cool in the refrigerator for 4 to 6 hours

step 7 of cooking mhalabia of Syria 

; Garnish it with pistachio before serving it

Cooking Mhalabia of Syria
Cooking Mhalabia of Syria 

Some healthy information about Mhalabia : 

-Mhalabia Stay one of rich food on calcium cause he is based about milk and we know the milk have a big amount of calcium 
-Mhalbia have a big amount of carbohydrates there is very required in the hard activities of humans 
-Mhalabia of Syria have some principles métals in their content like iron zinc potassium and can help to win into the tired or stress 

Finally don't hesitate to test it and be happy and enjoy!